Jessica Schaeffer · The Harpoons

"The Harpoons: A sound beyond description. So soothing and captivating it'll stick you right through."

The Harpoons is a genre-bending, boundary-pushing classically-trained duo featuring two of the most mysterious and magical instruments of the orchestra: harp and bassoon.

With a sly look and slight gesture, Jessica Schaeffer and Erin Irvine take listeners on a musical journey that is both dark and etherial, familiar and unexpected.

Like renegade pirates, they take the music of the concert hall to the unlikeliest of places: the subway station, the shoreline, to the gatherings of dreamers and visionaries...

The harpoons are Erin Irvine, bassoon & Jessica Schaeffer, harp. A fateful meeting in the backyard garden of mutual friends in San Francisco brought the two together where they discovered, over mimosas, that their musical philosophies and goals were very much in alignment. They also discovered, over a second mimosal, a mutual penchant for irreverence, fun, and risk-taking. They decided to take action immediately, arranging whatever music they could get their hands on, and made a date to play in the BART station. When asked what they called themselves, Jess thought for a moment, then answered, "Either 'The Harpoons' or 'Barp'". Fortunately, a branding tradgedy was averted and The Harpoons were born.

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Download: Algues, mvt. VII by Bernard Andres - live recording from First Church UCC Berkeley, CA

Download: What a Wonderful World - recorded live at First Church UCC - Berkeley, CA